hey guys,

i am kind'a new here.... i just wonder if u can help me with this... i would like to know how to format a computer with windows 2003 ... well basically it's a server...

if sombody have an answer please post it as soon as possiable !!

Thanks !!:)

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If you are planning to install windows on the hard disk,then let the set up program format the disk for you.

first of all thank you for the replay.. i feel that somebody care...actully yah i am planning to install windows 2003... so what you are saying is to put the CD of the instullation in and it will do the format !!
is that right ?

It will ask you where you want to put the OS (which partition) and then ask if you want to keep the old version of windows and if you want windows to format the location for you. Just click on what you want and follow all prompts.

This thread basically answers my question, except it was published 4 years ago and I was wondering whether the answer is still valid. More specifically: if I plan to install windows 2008 on a server which currently has windows 2003, will the installation disc suggest to format the server first or do I need to complete the formatting by myself beforehand?

it still works the same as it did 4 years ago !

If the computer has an operating system and you are logged in and run the media, you'll get prompted to either choose either to upgrade or perform a clean install.

I always avoid upgrades.

Power the computer on and boot directly with the install media, follow the install prompts and the only option is going to be a clean install. Proceed and you'll get to the point where you can delete existing partitions and/or format the drive.

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