Hello there,
A friend gave my son a computer which has Windows 2000 on it. Unfortunately it must have belonged to a Network or something as it won't even let me go into Add/Remove programmes as it is saying that I am not the Administrator. It will not even let me instal any discs for the same reason as it says I don't have permissions. Is there any way round this? Everything else on the computer has been cleared. No documents or anything. I wondered if I reinstalled Windows 2000, would this solve the problem. The computer is only going to be used for basic things and it is a shame if I am not going to be able to use it. Hope someone can help.

Yeah, it can be a pain if you don't know the administrators username/password.

If you have the Windows 2000 disk you can reinstall windows. This will solve your problem. You could also go the following route.. http://www.yellowsmoke.com/password_recovery2.htm . This will allow you to reset the administrator account.

If you're going the reinstallation route, just boot from CD and follow the instructions. You might want to take inventory of what type of video card, network card, audio, etc you have you in that machine before you do the reinstall though. This will making digging up any drivers you need afterwards a little bit easier.

SANDRA or NewtPro is pretty handy for digging up information on your machine. But the only problem with that is you might not have sufficient rights to even download and install this software.

Keep us informed.

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