Hi All!

I am hoping someone can help me with the problem I am having. On August 9, I booted my computer and got a message "non system disk error." Of course, I checked the floppy drive and no disk was in there. I ended up reinstalling Windows 98 SE, but I could not connect to the internet correctly. I reinstalled 98 SE a second time and now I have no sound and cannot change the screen resolution or colors for the display.

I have been reading on the internet about this and have tried reinstalling drivers, removing and attempting to reinstall the hardware itself, etc. I just can't get the display or sound to work.

I have a Crystal WDM Audio Codec sound card manufactured by Crystal Semiconductor Corp and I looked in the registry under PCI and it lists an Intel 82810 System and Graphics controller.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am a broke college student and need this PC to last me until I graduate in December!!

It kind of sounds like you're not getting the correct drivers installed. If your video is on a seperate card, take it out and get the exact name and model number from it, same with the audio card. If either of them are built into the main board, then you need the exact make and model number of that. Sometimes that is difficult with 3rd party boards.

Some details about your other hardware would help. You've identified the soundcard, but it's the motherboard and display card we need to know about. If it's onboard graphics, then the correct drivers would need to be obtained from the motherboard manufacturer (or system manufacturer if it's a 'name brand' PC). If it's an add-in card, the the drivers would be supplied by the card manufacturer.

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