Don't know if this is the right area for this. I understand the impossibility of Flash files, but is there a way to capture animations only out of emails, etc.?
Thanks, Giddyup

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not positive ,because its been a long time ,but I think I useto just right click on the animation and choose save as ,and save them to a location of my choice


did a bit of looking after I made last post and found this interesting link .
good if you are using Outlook for email client

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Caperjack, thanks. Just did that, and when you click on the saved file it plays the anim in IE. That's better than a kick in the pants, but I'd like for it to run independently. I'm using Thunderbird for email, but I just may try that to see if it might possibly work.


but I'd like for it to run independently

they have to have to run via some software ,what is the file extension after you save them .I assum they are flash animation is so then they are using the flash addon of IE,,
thismigh work [not 100% sure it will ]for you rather than using IE

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