splitting channels under Edit sources

I just installed a amplified indoor antenna on Windows Media Center (Windows 7 64 bit) where I was successfully running a 950Q using Clear QAM from the cable. A couple of questions if I may:

  1. The amplified indoor antenna doesn’t seem that it is working any better than an old “non- amplified indoor antenna.” Should it???

  2. Now under “edit sources” I have one Clear Qam and two ATSC sources when I only have two “antenna” total. I am a techie but I really don’t have a good handle on “split” under “edit sources. Can someone tell me why I have three sources for two antennas as well as a GOOD, LONG explanation of “split?” Maybe point me to a explanation of that???

  3. Also, is there a way to include a screen shot in this posting?

Thanks, JJ

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hi, have no answers to you problems ,but you will have to upload the screen shot to a file sharing site and post the link to it here ,new to this fourm [you could always upload them ]and I don't like it ,lol

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