Hey everyone, been over four years since I posted anything on here but I have a new issue that I need help with, this time for my father (on father's day of all days, ha!)

The main point of the problem is that he cannot access his hotmail inbox on his main computer. He can log into msn.com and Windows Live Messenger works just fine; Messenger even shows his emails (but will not direct to the email when clicked on.) The hotmail log in page can be accessed but after entering his information and logging in like her normally would, Firefox displays a "The Connection Was Reset" page and a "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" on IE. This has been going on for the past few days.

We can access his email account on other computers on the same home network without issue and he still receives emails on his phone. And on top of that I can use his computer to successfully log in to both of my own personal hotmail accounts. Just not his own. He's doing what he can from other computers but seeing as the main computer is the one he works from, with many files and a specific program only accessible on that computer, it's kind of important that he gains access back on it.

We've run a full scan with Malwarebytes and a boot scan with Avast! and both came back after finding nothing, which I kind of expected it not to. The router's been restarted. Cookies and history have been cleared. Firewalls have been turned off when trying to get into the inbox, but that has no result. Firefox was downloaded to test if it was just IE, but that's not the case. I've changed the Hotmail settings to use HTTPS (as was suggested to people with similar issues, albeit years ago) with no result and I reversed the setting. Everything in the processes on the task manager seem to be completely normal. We've done several systems restores further and furth back in time but nothing has been successful.

I'm wondering if there is just a setting that has been changed, either on his computer or on his hotmail that needs to be undone that I'm just not thinking of. If anyone has any idea of help and some directions on how to get there it would be much appreciated!!


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You state you cleared cookies but may not be cookie but rather a stored active login with bad/corrupted credentials but just a guess based on info provided. Try the following in Firefox to see if bad credentials:

Open Firefox and hit CTRL + SHIFT + DEL and add a check to Active logins with Everything selected for time range, clear and retry hotmail.

If that doesn't work, you can try turning off friendly HTTP error messages in IE and may give some more useful information on why it is blocking. Odd thing is it works for you on his PC so one would assume it is specific to his account. I don't use hotmail so no clue if they block/allow access based on PC.

In IE > Click Tools > Internet Options > Advance tab > Under Browsing heading: Show Friendly HTTP error messages = unchecked.

Retry and post results. Also, can you access other Microsoft sites like windowslivehelp.com?


Thanks for replying!!

Neither of clearing the active logins in Firefox or the HTTP error messages in IE did anything. He still cannot got into his account :(

Yes, he can log into msn, windowslivehelp and all the related sites, it's just if he tries to log directly into hotmail or click on a link to his inbox from msn.com or such will it not work. We asked for some support over on the help for hotmail but we've yet to hear a response and it's been a while. I am thoroughly confused as to why it's just HIS account on this ONE computer, it makes no sense to me.


Well, we have just resolved the issue!! :D

Apperently, my dad does not like let his computer update automatically, as he's had it crash and wipe everything out on him more than once before. One of the first things I did, that I forgot to mention, was that I went through and updated everything under the important updates, which at the time did not work. When I just checked again (after resetting IE completely, which by itself didn't work) there were ten more important updates available. I promptly installed those (after having a brief argument with him because of his dislike for him) and after it restarted, he was able to log right in without any issue!!

I hope that this can help anyone else with the same problem. :)

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