We are currently low on space and suffer from poor performance on our server:
Xeon 1.60GHz
4GB Ram
250gb HDD
SBS 2003 SP2

I have ran defrag's with little improvement, then tried running the Server Cleanup option in WSUS. This is over 60Gb of file space currently. After reading around the web i've seen that this can be reduced to around 8Gb.

The current Update Status is as follows:
Unapproved Updates: 22732
Approved Updates: 5831
Declined Updates: 43306
Computers: 13
Computer Groups: 3

For the number of computers this is a vast number of Updates. How should i best proceed? Also when running the WSUS Server Cleanup i often get an hour message "Error Database Error, Reset Node...." what is causing this? Do i need to put the database/ offline to clients and then run this cleanup?

Hope this helps, Thanks TG

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Have you tried CCleaner by piriform? its a system cleaning tool which also cures registry errors, im sure there are plenty of other programs out there that do this, but in my experiecne and opinion, i would use ccleaner. Its free aswell. It has helped me speed up and sort out many PC's and also Servers, even when they seem to have lost their life completely. Also, what defrag program are you using?

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