My first question here for awhile ; as I help others in other forums,but I haven't a clue how to rewrite bios-phoenix for a dell4700dimension with glorious parts: (3gb ddr2,2.8ghz P4 HT IntelPrescott CPU,ati hd radeon55701gb,2 x 500gb hdd sata with 480wattpsu,2 x dvd-r-rw-dl burners)Win7sp1 runs great ,jus' Cannot install Win8Pro cause bios doesn't have XD function :{ ;Dell will not rewrite or allow me to download 'cause I bought this Dell and other computers not directly from them! Thank you , thydreamwalker

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i bought my Dell used from another seller ,and i can and did update my bios from dell support .
what model Dell ,does it still have the service tag on it


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I downloaded the d4700a10 bios update from dell and i don't have a dell computer, try the link above and see how you go. i don't know if it supports dx or not but a little further digging around might supply the answer. a10 is the latest upgrade i think, might be worth a try, good luck. let us know here if it works and maybe it can help other. you could also try running a compatability test for win 8 from an online site, look around i think there are a few.

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