When i use my laptop for normal (typing, browsing, playing simple games) every thing is fine. But when i play bigger games like Modern Warfare 3 or Game Of Thrones my computer will run it fine and then suddenly shut down. This doesnt always happens only sometimes. Recently it has gotten wors, happens more frequently. It usually only happened with Modern Warfare 3. Now it happens with Game Of Thrones.

I origanaly bought my laptop for gamming. Now i am beginning if there isnt a design flaw.

My computer speceficasions:

Laptop: Dell inspiron N5010
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium (I regulary get systems update through MS update maneger)
CPU: Intel Core i7 CPUT Q740 @ 1.73GHz (I think the CPU have 4 cores)
RAM: 4.00 GB
System Type: 64-bit Operating System

I dont know why it does this. I have checked that i can run all of these games. Sometimes i play it for 4 hours then nothing happens. Then oneday i play the same game for 1 1/2 hours then it shuts down. My laptop is well ventilated.

Please Help.

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Is there any message or crash file after this? Or does it go off? The way you say it, it doesn't seem to shutdown.

put another 4gig of ram in it and see how it works

Could be an overheating problem. Games are much more CPU intensive and cause your system to run hotter.

There could be the reasons llike graphic card does not support content as the game may has more GUI(Graphical User Interface) or might be due to heating. Most of the times when the Laptops gets over heated, they shut down to avoid the problem like burnout n all. You try playing the game keeping the Laptop on a flat table or slab providing the way to blow out the heat easily.

My graphics card does support the game. All my games, in fact this just happened again. with a very simple game. my laptop is well ventilated.

There are no messages. just sometimes it gives the option to repair problems, i have chosen that option a million of times and still no improvent. The RAM isnt the isue. There is enough. I checked.

yes a intel i7 has 4 cores,and 2 threads per core ,and if it were mine I would have 8 gig of ram in it just be cause I could, lol.

I think even though your laptop seems to run cool I think with the bigger games its overheating the video chip.just my opinion .
for startes if it we mine I would use a can of compressed air to blow out the heatsinc and fan at least ,it doesn't take much dust to cause them to not cool the cpu and video chip enough.

means nothing,but,this dell link shows the n5010 only came with the i3 and i5 cpu,this is a usa link ,maybe the i7 was put in other countrys

Ok well i will try the compressed ait thing. If that doesnt work, i am sipping this baby back to Dell

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