Hi people :)

1st a confession , I don't know anythin bout PC's at programmin level :rolleyes:

2nd , I need help :o

I installed a program called "threadmaster" , this controls CPU % level per application , I thought it sounded cool till I realised I cudn change the CPU % easily cuz I don't understand command prompts & stuff !!

The procedure to remove it is :-

How do I uninstall ThreadMaster ?
You properly don't want to uninstall ThreadMaster, but if you insist here is how to do it:
Start a command prompt.
Go to the %windir%\system32\ThreadMaster directory
net stop threadmaster
ThreadMast -remove
Delete the folder %windir%\system32\ThreadMaster
Your are done.

Well , as I sed , I don't even know wot a command prompt is :o

Cud some kind soul tell me how in VERY simple terms how to do the above , perleez ?!


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1. Click on the "Run..." option under your Start menu.
2. In the resulting "Open:" box, type the following and then hit OK:


3. In the DOS window that opens, type the following commands (in the order given) one at a time. Hit the Enter key after typing each command, and wait for the command to complete before continuing. You will know that a given command has completed when, after hitting Enter, the screen displays the command prompt (the string of characters ending with a ">") again:

CD %windir%\system32\ThreadMaster

net stop threadmaster

ThreadMast -remove

CD ..

rmdir /S/Q threadmaster

4. Close the DOS window when you are done.


Also- in the future, please use proper grammar and spelling in your posts. This is a technical support forum, so unlike chat rooms and the like, your posts here need to be clear, concise, and easily understood.




Thankyou so much for your help and I apologise for not using correct protocol in my initial post :o

I have tried the procedure you describe but it is not working.
when I type CMD in run I do get the box , but , the following appears after C:\ :- documents and settings\evoboy> 'evoboy' is my computer name.
When I type in the 1st line CD%windir% etc etc , and press enter , I get :- file name directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect.
I have tried a few variations but no joy.

Can you help me further please ?


When I type in the 1st line CD%windir% etc etc , and press enter , I get :- file name directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect.

One possibility: There is a space between "CD" and "%windir%\system32\ThreadMaster"; if you don't type the space you'll get such an error.

Also: "%windir%" is a variable whose real value is the actual name of your Windows folder. On Windows 2000 systems, that folder is "C:\WINNT", and on XP systems it is "C:\Windows". Therefore, you can use the following syntax of the CD command instead of the one given in the instructions:

CD C:\Windows\system32\ThreadMaster (if you have XP)


CD C:\WINNT\system32\ThreadMaster (if you have Win 2K)

If using one of the above commands gives you no errors, the DOS prompt should then display the C:\%windir%\system32\ThreadMaster path instead of C:\ documents and settings\evoboy, meaning that the command worked. You can then proceed with the rest of the uninstall commands.

Try the above and let us know what happens.

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