damm,,,i just fix my laptob,,,,,,now i got different problem,,,,

guys,,,,,i'm so dumb,,,,hohoho,,,
anyway i back up all my file in cd,,,,

when i tried to restore my file,,,this thing shown up,,,,so

anybody have an idea??so i can get all my file back???


forgive my stupidness,,,,

thankkkssssssss,,,,,,thanksssss....... :o

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When copying your files, unselect that one first. If you get another error, unselect that file as well. If you get a third error, the CD's probably dead.

thanks for replying,,,,hmm,,, i tried to restore my file,,,,and,,,,,it's dead....hahaha,,,,,,yeah,,,,

nothin to do,,,,,preciate ur help dude,,,,hmm,,,,,

If it's important data, there are companies out there that will gladly take lots of your money and attempt to recover it. If not... well, it can't be helped, I guess.

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