I'm having some of the same problems as other people have been posting re; hotmail.
I downloaded MessengerBeta a few weeks ago and it worked fine. Then yesterday it told me that there was a newer version to download, so I did. Well ever since then I cannot access my Hotmail account. I have uninstalled the Beta and went to the old version 7.5 And still I cannot access Hotmail.
I even added Hotmail, MSN, and Passport to my allow lists on Trusted sites.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

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If you are part of a domain, ask your system administrator to clean the hotmail cache and then:
1) go to start ->run
2) type cmd
3) when the command line window open write ipconfig /flushdns
4) restart the internet explorer, firefox, etc.

I tried all the others solutions posted in the forum without luck. Only this solve my problem. :)


Well I've tried what you said and that didn't do it. A hotmail rep emailed me back and gave me some settings to change, but that didn't do it either. Must be a virus of some sort I'm thinking now. But who knowz.

Thanx for the tip though


I am have similar problems. I get the window saying I am already loged in but I can not view in box from this computer.
I can login from any other computer so I think there is something wrong with this one.
Any ideas?


Mine works alright now since I uninstalled BETA. I can access my emails as well.
I'm not sure why you can login other places though.
I'm not expert, hopefully someone else will answer your q's.

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