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if someone is looking for GUI then their eyes is a trap. Like they want to see what's the view of the upside down world.

Windows 8's disadvantages, Online-Based installed software games are now unalbe to play on win 8 except those that are Games of X-Box. that's one big down vote for teens. Second, PORT pertaining to localhost server is no more unless IIS or apache is installed. A pain the ass for web developers. Adobe dream weaver will not work to the fullest here in windows 8


While plenty of new laptops and desktops are incorporating touch screens to accommodate the touch-centric aspects of Windows 8, not everyone who upgraded to the new operating system chose to upgrade to more expensive touch-enabled hardware. For those folks, as well as anyone who questions the ergonomics of a touch-screen desktop, there is the new Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad. Where most Windows 8 peripherals are adding broader touch functionality to traditional mice—like the Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse and the Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse —the Logitech T650 Touchpad puts the best features of the new OS into a desktop touchpad, bringing new features and functionality with comfort and style. This makes it our Editors' Choice for Windows 8 computer mice.


I will look into the logitech, Thank you. I have Adobe Dreamweaver on windows 8 and it works fine for me.

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