Is there a software that can run two instances of windows 7 or windows 8 seperated onto two monitors and running/connected only two one desktop computer. Im not talking about hyper v or extended display. Im looking for the monitors thats running differently from one another. Can anybody help me out with this one?

Also. Software or hardware that i need to be able to do this and use two keyboards and two mouse for each display.

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I'm pretty certain that you can't run two instances at the same time on 2 different monitors. If you can, I haven't seen it.


A friend of mine just told me about this. He just saw it on a local computer shop.


if you want to run 2 instances of windows on same pc, then I believe one of them has to be a vm image running alongside, with the vm running in fullscreen mode on one of the 2 monitors connected, as I usually do this at home, with one monitor connected to VGA, and one connected to DVI ports, and running a vmware image of ubuntu in fullscreen mode on my second monitor, while keeping my windows on the first monitor... In vm you can then use the same keyboard and mouse connected to the desktop for interactions

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