ON my computer I just put in a new HD, as the old one had failed. I installed the OS, registered it, installed all drivers and SP2. I also installed a virus scan and office on the computer. Then it wanted to do all the updates. First was two, then a reboot. I rebooted then it started downloading updates again. When it was finished there were 67 updates left so i started to install them. The last one to install was IE7 so I installed it.

Once I had installed all of that it required a reboot. When i reboot it I get the black screen that asks me if I want boot normally, safe mode, safe mode with networking and one other option. I select normal. It starts to boot, I see the Windows XP splash screen, then it reboots. Next time it comes back to the same screen so I select Safe mode. It boots properly into safe mode from here. So I restart it, then I get to the same screen again, so this time I select safe mode with networking. It boots into safe mode and I'm able to get on the Internet from here. I reboot one more time and try normal mode again, and it still goes into the boot loop.

Does anyone have any idea of what this could be? The computer is a Dell Dimension 4550 with Windows XP home on it. 256 RAM, pentium 4, 2 gig processor.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me on this.

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caper, that dyspeptic chook you use for an avatar has just the right expression for that answer.... heh.


Dyspeptic chook or not he's right, IE7 is causing more problems than it's worth, try googling problem with ie7 and see what comes up. Once again M$ has release yet another of their fine products for the public to debug.

This one of several reasons that I use Firefox.


I have the problem fixed and I have the solution in case anyone is interested.

After installing SP2 there are another 67 updates that still need to be loaded. When istalling all of the updates do not include IE 7 in the mix. Install all the others, reboot the computer, then install IE 7. It should work find when doing it that way.


Glad to hear that you have solved your problem, I hope you don't have any further trouble from ie7. I participate at three other sites and have been reading about a large amount of problems related to ie7.


yeah, i have dealt with a couple of the issues....somehow [again] M$ forgot all about the backward-compatibility idea. i think it's called arrogance.

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