Purchased Windows 7 Professional online in 2009 to be sent to my friend in Las Vegas. The box was lost and replaced for a new one in 2010. I installed, activated and registered it and everything worked. In 2011, my HP crashed and I replaced it with an Apple Mac and purchased the Parallel Desktop and reinstalled the Windows 7, and activated it. It worked perfectly for six months and two days ago, the screen went black and at the bottom of the screen it said that my windows 7 is not genuine and that my activation code is not correct. Both my CD's (32 & 64) have the marking "genuine" on them, the activation code is the one on the back of the box and I have confirmation of my payment for the software.

I sent three e-mails to Microsoft, including order No. payment confirmation and shipping address, but they were ignored. I called and had the phone slammed in my ears. I need urgent help in order to continue my work. P L E A S E!!!!



Retry activation by phone, an activation failure should take you through to a being (a Microsoft being or even Human...) They should be able to validate your software using the additional codes onthe COA and or Disk(s)

Back in 2009-ish, it was MS policy to actually help people when they called with activations. Granted, MS policy means approximately sod-all to their average CSR. (I won't actually admit to having worked MS customer disservice) I'd recommend calling the activation department directly.

Here's instructions on how to find the appropriate activation call centre phone number.

Two other options would be to call Windows Activations at (888) 571-2048 (source) or Genuine Advantage at 1-866-530-6364 (source).

Unfortunately, sometimes with MS, the only way is to repeatedly call and get hung up on until you get someone that knows/cares enough to do their job.

You can only install W7 once following activation of the Retail Edition. Looks like the system caught up with your innocent mistake. Well, it's not your fault or theirs really. They might be more helpful if you just told them that you've had to do a reinstall, which is what this is, yes?

I had this problem with a previous version of Windows. I phoned the number supplied with the message and I got through on the first try. The call centre person was impersonal, but she gave me a new activation code.

Thanks to all of you. Will try to call the Activation department and numbers you supplied. Will get back to you on whether I got a new code. Thanks again. Raya

Many thanks for your help. I followed your instructions, found the activation center in my region, Switzerland, called and spoke to a very kind lady from Poland. She checked a group of numbers which I read to her and then connected me with a recording which instructed me to input into spaces of A to H each numbers read to me which were I assume the new activation code and it worked. I was also told that if I encounter activation problems again, to call and they will resolve the problem.

Thanks. Raya