Hi to everyone! Long time hasn't been here. I have just purchassed new Laptop / Samsung 17" NP350V5C-S09AU-Intel® Core i7 8GB Memory_1TB HDD 3.4GHz, WINDOW 8 / and for my surprise it's working very slow, even have not installed any program. Take ages to boot, and when tried to run anything have to waiting long time. My old Toshiba with W7 is 10 times faster. Please, what's the problem? I paid 1K for it.

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Most systems these days have several "features" that slow down booting tremendously. One is the UEFI "secure boot" feature enabled by default on all Win8 systems. The other is all the "trialware" installed on the system - trial versions of a gazillion different tools you probably don't need or want. Uninstall all of them - most will just have a 30 day trial period and many will install "server" components that are started on system boot. The other issue is that Win8 sucks (just my opinion)... See if you can get Win7 on the system instead of Win8. That is a much more reasonable operating system (again, just my opinion, but that of many others as well).

One last suggestion is that instead of shutting the system down, just hibernate it when you aren't using it. It will start up much faster than a cold boot.

commented: thanks rubberman. that's works! +0

It should be fast, It probably is some software samsung have installed on it. You can always try factory restore, see if that works. Just look through control panel and remove anything you don't like the look of. But beware! Make sure it isn't an important file your downloading.

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