I restored my pc using the original Restore CD. After installing SP2 from the CD, and try to go online I keep getting error message: Action cancelled. IE cannot display web page.
Would appreciate any ideas on how to solve/fix this problem.

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Once you restore your computer to the default image, the first step should be to go and get SP3.

After you apply SP3, visit the MS site again and update IE to version 8. After that, go to the Microsoft Update site and apply the remaining patches. There should be a little over 100 patches remaining.

Keep in mind that XP's support ends April 8th 2014.


I'd suggest after getting all the important stuff recovered (the os, drivers, etc...) you try another browser. IE isn't exactly that top notch in any department, maybe firefox, chrome or opera... just my two nickels.


Thanks for replies. Running WinXP Home (year 2000). It was functioning OK with SP2 - without the MS updates- until I "restored" it, (using original Restore CD which came with my pc) because of a possible virus infection. I then reinstalled SP2 from the MS CD. I know MS has discontinued updates/support for SP2 but I thought since IE was working fine with SP2 before the "restore" I would try again with SP2. Since I cannot get online to download any Windows updates or SP3, will uninstalling SP2 fix the IE6 problem?


will uninstalling SP2 fix the IE6 problem?

hard to say from our perspective. SP2 shouldnt have caused a problem with IE. When you used your CD to reisntall, did you peform a clean install (format the drive), if not the virus could still be around...

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