This virus came from a download at <snip></snip>.
Once I opened the file, it opened some sort of installer or extractor and then I started getting virus alerts from Mcafee. The trojans and virusus were located in system 32. I noticed that programs were not working one-by-one, they all stopped. The virus seemed to be targeting *.exe files in system 32 folder. I got information on the internet suggesting booting into safe mode...BAD IDEA! Now I can't even start windows. Please if someone could help me fix my computer and get rid ofthe virus, or atleast help me access my important files, either through my network, or on an external hardrive, that would be SO awesome!
I run XP media center edition

This is a link to a thread I started in 2007. It takes you step by step through an approach to rid yourself of most trojans. Because you can pinpoint the date and time when the unfortunate event happened, this is particularly suited to the method I have described.

One point of caution, though. If the virus/trojan alters or destroys system files, then repairing them is not covered and you would have to use your Windows CD once you'd got rid of the virus/trojan to repair or update your Windows folder.

Keep us informed.

Good luck my friend!!

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