Hi all,

I have a huge problem with my Deep Freeze.
I dont know how it happened, but a few days ago I wanted to update my video card driver, so I pressed the shortcut buttons for DF... nothing...
I have Deep Freeze Standard v7.20.020.3398.

I tried to manually run the program, from program files, but I get an error: BEX, DFStd.exe.
The DFServ is set to automatic startup type, and I tried to start it... I get another error: (in event viewer) > event 7009 A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the DFServ service to connect.

I tried to run the setup, trying to uninstall it... Workstation install program for Deep Freeze 7.00 has stopped working (BEX, DFStd.exe)

I can't find the DFStd in the process list of the task manager, because I could have tried the 20 years back the BIOS, debugging mode, and delete the program.
Now I am stucked with a Status: FROZEN Deep Freeze.
I've searched for Anti Deep Freeze, version 7... that failed.
I searched for help in the Faronics Support forum, or whatever is that... they said that I have to give them some info about the product (the email that I ordered the DF, and some other sh**), but I did not bought this. I just downloaded it from one torrent site, like... about 70% of the people (don't want to be a jerk here). Anyway, the DF support said that they can not help me with more infos about this "freezy" situation.

I dont know what should I do, and maybe you can help me.
I don't want to reinstall windows. System restore... failed. DF is frozen, so....yeah.

I did not bought this. I just downloaded it from one torrent site, like

Interesting, you steal (pirate) software then complain because it does't work right. I think you are just SOL (Shit Out Of Luck). That's what you get for installing illegal copies of software. Maybe you need to reformat the hard drive and install a clean version of MS-Windows, assuming you have a legal copy of that.

commented: Why the downvote ? +9

Oh go and shoot yourself. If i wanted advices about legal shit, i wouldnt come here.
THIS IS A FORUM about PC stuff. Not a law chamber. Tell me something grandpa... you NEVER EVER stolen anything in your entire life?
You saw only that in the whole shit that i wrote... nice.

Enough talking around the subject. Can anyone help me with this problem?

sorry but you came to the wrong Forum , this forum has legal right to fillow and followes them ,you will have to find help somewhere else ,especually after this comment ,Oh go and shoot yourself ,have a good day

I suspect that you arent going to much help on this site with regard to the issue since it deals with unlicensed software. This site's TOS prohibits it and the members that engage in that will most likely get banned.

There is no need for judgements here you are free to do as you wish whether others agree or not.

having this problem now have anyone in here know how to fix this please am begging you all </3

go to C:\Program Files\Faronics\Deep Freeze\Install C-0_$Df and double click on FrzState2k.... say thanks 2 me i solved it.

Do you imagine that after four years the OP is still looking for a solution? Or even that any of the components (software or hardware) are still in use?

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