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Earlier whenever I wanted to clean the files of folder Prefetch, there were a lot of files, say 50 or 100. But now a days when I open it only two files are there 1. NTOSBOOT-B00DFAAD.pf and 2. Layout.
My system is working fine. I am amused where the all files disappeared , which were diplayed in Prefetch folder?

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NTOSBOOT-B00DFAAD.pf is built after your system has been booted 3 times, following installation. It lists details about the files needed to optimally boot your system. Layout.ini is used to control the automatic M$ defragging of files during CPU quiet time, it instructs the defragger about files to lay close to the perimeter of the hdd for speedier loading; the file is rebuilt at that time.
Your system can function quite well, as you have observed, without Prefetch files, it will just be a little slower at responding to starting applications, at booting. It's an important part of optimising Windows performance, and should be left alone; it holds a maximum of 128 files plus the two you mention; old [i.e not recently used] files are dumped.
If the Prefetch folder is not filling with .pf files then check that your Task Scheduler service is set to Automatic.
But where did all the other files go? I do not know - did you run some sort of cleaning/optimising software?

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