I have scanned for malware and have norton 360. My computer started to randomly freeze i don't know why tho ? What do you people need to help me?

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shld be a virtual memory problem( if ders actually no malware )...try installing tuneup utilities and use some of its features to free space and memory.gluck


ram culd only be a problem if its a small ram and a heavy operating system e.g using win7 on a 256mb ram..still try the memtest though


Sounds like RAM.

When I upgraded my pc back in OCT'09 for W7 64bit I also installed 4GB ram (2x2gb), I then started to expericence randon freezing and it turned out to be RAM. I found this out by only having one stick installed if PC didn;t freeze then tried other stick again on its own but then it would not POST swapped sticks and PC was fine, swapped again wouldn't POST.

As suggested you can run Memtest but do on one stick at a time and leave for a few hours on each stick.

Cannot see it being a virtual memory problem unless of course something is eating all of your 4GB so I would monitor how much ram is being used via Task Manager and see if there is a rogue process, click the Process Tab and Sort By Mem Usage.

By the way my RAM usage is between 36-42%.

keep us posted


i got the ram standard by my manufacturer its a laptop

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