I use Windows 7 Home Premium. It has had SP1 installed and as of today Windows Update advises the system is up to date.
The problem I have is with an Access 2007 database. It is in a folder and I have a shortcut to it on the desktop. When I open it by launching Access and then open it using File/Open, all is well and the database does indeed open.
However, when I attempt to open it either by clicking on its icon or its shortcut, I get the error message saying that I need to purchase Office 2010 in order to open it; in addition both the icon and shortcut image has changed (2 shades of orange). This has only started to happen in the last week – before that all was well.
Any ideas please?

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Sounds like a file association issue.

Check you Programs and Features applet in Control Panel. It could be that some Office 2010 applet is installed in your computer and when you click on it, its executing this program instead of launching Access 2007.

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