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Why is it that 7 has a problem with ie8? keeps stopping. and older drivers do not work. thinking of going back to xp pro..

hi ,i use IE8 and win 7 without any problems ,what do you mean by STOP!
also what older drivers !

do you use any other browser ,like Google chrome or firefox with out problems


The problem may be the sites you visit. Try compatibility mode -- that little icon that looks like a torn page. If that doesn't work, it may be an add-on. Try resetting it as follows:
-hold the windows key and press r
-type inetcpl.cpl and hit ENTER
-click the advanced tab in Internet Options
-click the RESET button
-check to remove personal settings
-click RESET

If you have further issues, post back here and we'll try to get it sorted out.

Good Luck


Hi guys, thanks for the help. by ie8 'stopping' I meant that when I am surfing, I get a message up that basically says ie has encountered a problem has stopped working. not the usual 'encountered a problem' window, anyhow I have changed to firefox now which is a lot more stable.
As far as the older drivers are concerned, I have an industrial ibm laser printer that I could not get to work, I have now overcome that issue and it is working, (Ithreatened to get my mother to it) (kiddin') so all in all everything is up and running so I will persevere as 7 is pretty cool (now. it wasnt yesterday lol.) thanks guys..


If you will, reset IE8 and update your system so we can find a resolution for those who need it. You need IE too -- for Microsoft Update. If not, that's cool too because others who have the same issue can post their results.

Thanks for posting the work-around. Mozilla makes a great browser.

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