Hi guys,

I'm at a loss to discover the cause of my dilemma. I have ADSL internet, and most of the time everything is fine. Then, for some reason, my internet browsers (and those connected to the network) simply stop working. Everything else is fine - I can receive/send email, utilize MSN, play online MUDs using Zmud, and so on, but browsers such as IE and Firefox simply cannot connect to anything. There are no viruses that can be detected (AVG Antivirus), no cookies or other such ad-things detectable (Spybot, Adware), nothing! Yet only a hard reboot of the modem and/or router (Netcomm and D-Link respectively) fixes the problem, sometimes for the day, sometimes for about 5 minutes.

Any ideas for this would be greatly appreciated, before I pull out what's left of my hair in frustration! While it's not exactly a major problem (yet), it is getting extremely inconvenient to keep rebooting the hardware just to go for a surf..

Many thanks in Advance,


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just wondering if you have the most up to date firmware on your network hardware?

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