First off, this isn't really Activate posting this, this is someone he know's. I'm having trouble with my internet, so I couldn't get on my email to confirm my own. One more thing: please don't bash the browser I use and say "Get Firefox!1!1!". I'm just asking for help, not which browser to use.

Ok. When I noticed there was a new Internet Explorer (IE 7 Beta 2) out, I told my friend about it and he tried it out. He said nothing but good things about it and got me convinced to try it. Unfortunately, I was on SP1 still but I really wanted to try it so I upgraded to SP2. I downloaded the new IE, installed it, and then I hit my problem. I couldn't get on Trillian to chat, or on any browsers. I did a system restore to back before I installed the new IE, and everything worked again, for awhile at least. Soon afterwards I couldn't get on any browsers, but I could still chat. Soon after that, I couldn't get on MSN anymore, but I could still get on AIM, and Yahoo. I've tried re-installing the new IE, I've tried using my other browser (Flock(Basically Firefox)), and I get the same problem with that, I've tried restarting, disk cleanups, everything. I just re-installed IE 7 Beta 2 again, and now I can get on a select few sites (This one being one of them), and I can chat on MSN, AIM, Yahoo, and some others again.

Please help. :/

Beta!! means don't install me on you main computer you are only looking for trouble ,,if it were mine i would format and reload windows ,other that that i have no fix fur ya