Okay so I recently downloaded waterfox the a 64bit browser made by the makers of firefox.
but now none of my other browsers work Opera/firefox/ie9/chrome
If I uninstall waterfox it makes no difference nothing works.

(I have also already tried taking off Use proxy for local servers)
I would really just like to have Opera and Chrome back waterfox is far to slow and chrome is just better for what I do.

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Is this Win 7, or 8? That will probably make a difference. Have you tried booting the recovery partition to reinstall the OS (after backing up all your data, of course)? My guess is that the installation put a new DLL on the system that replaced one of the standard ones, and that is causing the problem, yet the uninstall did not restore the original.


"the installation put a new DLL on the system that replaced one of the standard ones" That would be just too naughty. I thought M$ and the industry had stomped that path to hell looong ago, and sorted it. Maybe not.
But if your suggestion is the case here, then running...
sfc /scannow
...should repair the system.

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Win 7
running sfc/scannow
Windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations

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not made by the firefox people .
Waterfox is a high performance browser based on the Mozilla Firefox source code.

i would try a system restore back to before you installed waterfox

also if you read there development pages you will see that all releases had bugs,that were fixed in next release ,so maybe they will fix your bug in next release

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