Hello, Everyone! My delema is this. I am currently running windows NT on my computer. I need too becuase the software my company uses is only supported by NT. I would however also like to be able too switch to windows XP on the same computer. I have searched other forums and have only been able to find Windows to Linux. I have a Two Hard Drives C: and D:. Can someone just give me little how to or direct me somewhere for information?

P.S. Don't let the "man" keep you down! :evil:

If Windows NT is on drive C:\, this may create a problem. If you can install WinXP on drive C:\, and WinNT on maybe drive D:\, then WinXP would detect that WinNT is there, and it should create a dual boot menu at for startup. I have to assume that you are using the NTFS format for your hard drive? I believe that WinXP should be able to handle WinNT files without any problems. You probably could get along by using only WinXP. However, if I remember correctly, WinNT is only capable of handling the max of 2GB? This is why it would be better to have both operating systems on different separate drives.