hi, ever since hotmail changed their format I have been unable to send mail. I recieve everything but am unable to send. it is only on my personal computer. My brother has the same computer with different virus software and it works from his. I was wondering if there is any known way to fix this problem. If anyone could please help me I would really appreciate it


try clearing your cache / temporay internet files

I tried that and it still doesn't work. I am running windows xp and I don't know if there is a windows setting that I may have changed. Is that possible? If anyone has any other Ideas that would be great.


no but ive noticed alot of users with this problem after the switch, however ive not had it >.<

I am having a similar problem...cannot reply or even compose. When the switch took place a few the other month, I had problems because all of the tools in the reply or compose window was not loading completely, then it got better...NOW when I try to reply, everything loads but I can't get my cursor to show up in the text box area. Thanks!

Hi, I know these are old posts but I am experiencing similar problems and no one seems to be able to help!

I recently bought a new computer (HP a520n) which came with XP already installed. I was able to send and reply with both my yahoo and hotmail accounts Then, one random day I was no longer able to. The cursor would not show in the text box for composing or replying. I can still read my emails but cannot reply or compose--this just happened out of nowhere!!!

What in the world could this possibly be? I'm very frustrated as I use my computer by night for work.

Please help, I need a solution.


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I apologize...I'm new to this site and the whole forum thing. I don't even know how to delete my post. Thanks.

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