My friend says his mouse is hijacked, I haven't gone to see this yet but he says he has to keep changing USB ports in order to keep running. Anyone ever heard of this?

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What do you mean by Hijacked? Like it moves by itself?

I'm not sure, I haven't went to see it yet thats how he described it to me. I'll post more about it tommorrow after I've had a chance to trouble shoot it. I was just wonderring if anyone had heard of this before so I could get some idea as to where to start.

Well the first thing I would do If I saw this happening is to check the laser on the bottom of the mouse was clean, check to see how the batteries were (If Wireless and Laser) Check to see if the trackball was clean (Old style mouse) and I would check the connection (Either USB or PS/2)

After confirming all those... I would run an Anti-Spyware and a Virus Scan. Just to be sure of no external usage.

The last thing I would look at is the Mouse Setting in Control Panel. Just to reassure myself all the settings are correct.

Hope this helps... :)

Fred101 ,tell us how you solved it just for the record !

Yes Please do tell.... I would like to know if I helped any :)

I unistalled avast and Adiaware, then reinstalled them. After install it always asks if you want do a scan. Isaid yes and upon scan I was able to find the malware program that was freezing the mouse. also in Avast you have option to do a preboot scan, which performs a scan before any windows components are installed into memmory. Ifound about 15 viruses that probably contributed to the freeze up. These are the only programs I've found nessessary to combat almost any problem. I then went through Trend micro to find the vonerabilities and added the aprpriate patches to hopefully prevent further instances of this nature. I've windows firewall, as lame as it may be is suffisient when using Avast home, wich is a free program. Ialsocleaned the mouse and mouse pad. I then Reg Cure and scaned the registry then defraged the regestry and it accually improved the performance of the computer. I'm a cerified tech and I kinda figured it was more than a hijacked mouse. I can't express enough in maintainence on your system no matter how much or little you use it. I must also caution everyone using Reg cure that they check out what program the scan is brings up. I've ruined many programs with this utillity. But in my opiniion it is a 5 star program once you've learned the nature of the program.

Ther is a problem I'm having, I upgraded Abode reader from 7 to 8.1.2 and it left me no reader at all I can't unistall it though add remove programs or manually. Igone into the registry to delete all that is tied to this program, but it still shows is add remove programs is any suggestios as to how to get this crap out of my system? It really has me stumped. When I try to reinstal it tells it can't remove existing program, I'm frustrated cause I do alot of work and my PDF reader.

i suggest ,you delete the folders in program file ,then download ccleaner to clean registry ,and try reinstall then .

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