I have been getting a Windows Installer message stating that Patch1.0.1.msp cannot be found and to browse, etc. This happens whenever I reboot. If I remove the message it comes back automatically while I am using IE or not. Can't shut down my Sony Vaio laptop unless I mess around with the message and get it to disappear! Using Windows XP on wireless. Started about a wk ago and may have started with an automatic Windows download but really don't know. Thank you, Sandy

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don't have microsoft office--ended up calling Sony and they had me remove unnecessary programs from my start up. Thanks for trying anyway!

Interesting. Everytime I came across this problem it was caused by Office, Works or any other Microsoft product. I'm glad to hear you fixed it though.

Is Internet Explorer working fine too after they cleared up your Startup?

Yes IE is fine and my computer is starting up quicker as we got rid of lots of non-essentials. Thanks for your interest.

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