My Windows recently busted and I had to re-install Windows. However, I had a unpartitioned bit of HD that someone recommended I install Windows to in hopes I could fix my old copy. They suggested using an XP boot CD and boot directly from the CD rather then the HD. So that is what I did. I have Windows installed on one of my HD and have since deleted the old Windows as it was beyond repair. However, now I am unable to get the new copy of Windows to Boot without the CD.

I am looking for help on how to do this. I get the error message missing NTLRD, hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart.

Thanks Steve

My BIOS is set to Boot from HD, it checks CD first, but HD is second in the boot sequence and even if I change it to first it still does not work same error. Missing NTLRD.

Could it have anything to do with the fact that I have multiple partitions and multiple hd installed, I have the BIOS set to check all three HD, and the multiple partitons on the 3rd HD but wondering if it could be causing a problem nevertheless

The system always boots from the first active partition, regardless of the number of HDs. I suggest you restart Windows setup and install windows on your first HD. this will take care of that error you're getting.

I think you deleted the previous windows which was on your primary drive ( usually C drive) .. you dont have to install windows again .. just insert your windows cd .. boot from it and do an automatic repair. It will recreate the NTLDR and other files that were deleted from your C drive.