So here is the deal, I can not use Java. I went to touch up on my Java Programming Skills, so I could help out a few of my University friends with programming... And guess what. I can't use Java. Now I have been dealing with this issue for about a year now. Every time I install a Java Application, or go to program in Java I get this Error: <See Java_error.bmp>

Now I tried many things that I found on google, and there is a lot of information on this subject. I have tried everything I can find.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled java many times. I have adjusted the run time variables and all that jazz.

Please Help.

My System Specifications <See: Specs.pdf>


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Are you running Windows 7 or Linux? Also, what version of Java did you try to install, and was it from Oracle? FWIW, I have a system with a very similar hardware configuration and Java runs without problems at all both with Win7 and Linux.


Ahhh, I guess you need to know what OS I am running. Well I am running Windows 7 64bit, and yes I have used the proper java from the oracle site. I have tried several versions since its been over the past year that I have faced this issue. But currently I am trying it with the offline installer(since the online one hasn't worked) <jre-6u31-windows-x64.exe>

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Thats the one thats currently installed if you reference the attachment on my last post


Well, I am running 64-bit Win7 on my laptop at work, and both 32-bit and 64-bit java work just fine, although for some stuff, 32-bit is better. I run eclipse for java software development, and have built entire cell phone browsers on it without problem, as well as running java-based phone emulators. So, there is something really wonky with your system. Have you tried reinstalling the OS from bare metal?


After you get the error check the application log in the event viewer to get better details and let us see those.

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