Hi, i'm in a pickle.

I'm on a Samsung Notebook with Windows 7 installed about 2 years ago.
A couple of days a go my power adaptor stoped working, so I replaced and it all goes well.
One day later, I tried to play CS GO and I noticed that Windows disconnect the charger when the game is open.
If I minimize the game (alt+tab) the battery icon says that there's no charger and that it's consuming battery. But if I wait a couple of seconds and hover the mouse again, it's says that it's charging.

So, if the game in on the screen it's stop charging and start consuming battery (don't find the charger).
If the game is minimized, the charger is found.

Anybody have seem something like this?

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The question is whether it has really stopped charging, or if just the charging icon is not being properly updated. With the battery fully charged, try running the game long enough that if it isn't charging when you stop running the game (shut it down completely), you will see that the battery is no longer fully charged. If that is the case, and only this game causes the problem, then it is something in the game software that is telling the system to stop using the external charger (or to use battery only). In such a case, you need to report it to the game developer.


Rubberman, it's stop using the charger, I tested it. And if I try playing without the battery, the computer turns off.

But I've been playing this game for years and never had a problem, or even heard anything related.

I don't have any other game installed at the moment to test, but i'm downloading one.

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Oh bullocks... I tried other games and the problem doesn't occur. They we're not so demanding of hardware, but still, I'm gonna try reinstalling the CS and see what happens.


The problem was the charger. Don't know why yet, but I changed it and problem solved.


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