I use MSN and for some reason whenever I try to check my email it takes forever and a day for it to open, everything in the email section is extremely slow to open. I have tried everything from removing the Firewall but nothing seems to work...everything else opens basically with the click of the mouse. I use always on DSL and really have no problems with anything else but this friggin email....it sometimes takes up to 5 minutes for me to check my email....now has MSN installed something that I am not aware of..is this just tech problem that comes with the service...this in inself makes me want another ISP...help if you can...

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Have you tried checking your mail by going to www.hotmail.com ? The Hotmail website was having some problems awhile back and I'm not sure if MSN Mail is just really Hotmail with a new skin or not.

Also, did you know that you can check @msn.com and @hotmail.com mail through Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express?

Are you behind a router, switch, or hub? Do you use a 3rd party firewall such as Norton or McAfee or do you use the Microsoft XP built-in firewall? Oh, wait, nevermind, this is posted in the Windows9x/Me forum ;)


Same problem here...no fix so far...It's irritating!

imagine almost 6 yrs to the day and msn still sucks ,
check date on original post .
you really should start your own thread and explain your problem ,don't just say same problem here , also what if anything have you tied to fix your problem

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Woo can Teach me to Open Email Address with MSN or HOTMAIL .. please HURRY

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