Trying to load BroadBand AOL and keep getting the following "4129.670a Client Version has encountered a problem and will shut down" message. Anyone any idea why this happens. I have reformatted the HD and re-installed XP and it still happens. Before the reformat the computor was coming up with three error messages, the first 3 relating to webtrap from the Penicillin AV installed and a further error saying can't connect to AOL.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Wayne

I'd try it from scratch again with a fresh install...formatting the master boot record as well (use fdisk on a win98SE boot disk and type "fdisk /mbr"). Then I'd reinstall and see if I have the same error. If so, you have bad software for aol broadband.

I have sorted this problem - thought you may want to know how. After reformatting the HD everytime I tried to install AOL it said couldn't execute and couldn't find the AOL picker from the supplied disks (tried more than one). Funnily enough the modem wouldn't install either as if something or someone didn't want the computor to access the internet. However, I cleared the BIOS and took the battery out, waited a couple of minutes and replaced. When it fired up it took the disc no problem.. The motherboards a PcChips 848ALU.