I am running a compaq presario 5000 series. Recently my sister deleted folders off of her computer, she is not very computer lit, but IE6 was not working correctly. I tried to reinstall 6, but it kept failing. I then uninstalled 6 and went back to 5, however this is one of the folders she must have deleted. After reboot, I received an error "BROWSEUI.DLL cause an error in explorer. Please restart your computer. I tried to boot in safe mode, but no luck. I then tried to use the sytem restore disk. Before using the restore, I tried to use the backup utility on the restore disk and wouldn't you know, there was a power glitch. Now when I insert the restore disk I get the following error, COMPAQ RECEOVERY CD ERROR", I reformated C:, thinking this would work. I also made a big mistake I beleive, because I also formatted drive D:, which is the system save drive. Now I cannot get the restore disk to do anything. ANY IDEAS OR HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!



If you formatted your recovery partition, you may be out of luck. Your only option may be to go and buy a retail copy of Windows and reinstall using it. AFIAK the Compaq recovery disc recovers from that partition you formatted, so you don't really don't have anything to recover from...

Don't shoot the messenger... Sorry! :(

the compaq recovery cds should reformat, repartition, and reinstall windows when you boot with them...

I'm afraid Alex is right. The recovery cds don't include images of the hard drive to restore. Instead, the image is located on a hidden partition on the computer. All the recovery cds do is load and start software which accesses the hidden image and recovers it onto the primary partition. By accidently deleting this partition, I think you might be out of luck :(

I was afraid of that! Thanks much for your help-.