Strange problem just started on a Windows 7 Ultimate laptop.

Create a new document and start typing - all goes well and response is good. Characters can be typed quickly and appear immediately.
Try to delete characters in either direction using Backspace or Delete and the character deletes right away but it then takes 2 seconds before another character can be deleted. Highlighting multiple characters is ok - deletes as normal but again 2 second delay before delete works.
Word and Notepad both show these symptoms.

No new software or fonts added recently.
Nothing appears in any event logs.
AV is AVG and that doesn't show any issues.


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Check memory usage to see if your system may be hitting the virtual memory swap space.

May you be using laptop? I have sometimes same problem, it turns out, that when my charger is plugged out, it has much better performance = 120FPS in game, 45MB/s HDD. But when it's plugged in, text appears 2 seconds later, 25FPS in game, 20MB/s HDD. And it's not performance option issue.

If you're using laptop, try to unplug it, works for me at last.

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