I have created a small (40GB) BootCamp partition on my Mac to run certain necessary PC programs but decided also tp put on a PC game I've missed since being on Mac, QuickSnooker, the snooker game with by far the best graphics IMHO. However since using the game NVIDIA drivers have been installing themselves and a program called NVIDIA GeForce Experience which tells me it cannot optimise games on this PC. In analysing my partition it refers to GeForce 9400 which assume is my graphics card. The thing is these downloads (drivers and program) are quickly reducing the amount of free space I have on the partition and I'm wondering if I can remove them or some of them without problem.

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You can remove the driver installation files and associated programs, probably without incident. The driver itself should be now part of the operating system, and required DLL's in the \Windows OS directories.

Thank you. Very helpful.

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