I have a corrupt OUTLOOK PST file that is rather large and needs
fixing. I ran "scanpst.exe" and it fails. I have looked for a tool to
fix, and every tool fix's the file then wants either money or a key
(money) to fix the file.
Does anyone know of a totally free tool that is capable of fixing
large and corrupt PST file.


Re: Tool to fix Corrupt OUTLOOK PST file 80 80


My first recommendation is Scanpst.exe from Microsoft, but you can also try some 3rd-party tools to fix the data file. Please remember to keep a backup before performing any actions on the file.

In case the issue was caused by the corrupted profile, you can also create a new profile and setup an account in Outlook, check if you can open the .pst file.

For reference: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/82b432a2-12e7-46f7-b27d-46a1a94c23f7/how-to-get-outlook-recovery?forum=officeitpro

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