Hey guys, ran into a problem my troubleshooting hasn't figured out yet.

Recently I've had to frankenstein a new rig (all hardware is compatible as far as I know) because my last one had motherboard voltage spikes. Now when I try to open my development software (aptana studio) it will 'stop working' randomly within the first few minutes of modifying code. This also applies to any game I try to open except I can't even get into the game, I click to open, it 'stops working' immediately.

I've run windows built-in checkdisk on the HDD (no results), I've run windows built-in memory check on my RAM (no results), I've cleaned the system thoroughly for malicious software, I've update all drivers and installed the basics I can think of (such as java, service packs and updates, etc...).

Any ideas on what I can try next?

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I am fuessing that you are running Windows, so based on that would check your windows installation files by using your installation DVD and letting it check the system. You said you changed mother boards if I am reading it correctly so I would go to device manager and look for failed devices and I would install the chipset drivers for the new board you installed.


No failed devices and unfortunately no longer have a 'legal' copy of windows, so I did the next best thing. Switched out my hard drive for one I previously used on another machine.

Seems as though you were right. Some sort of basic windows elements must have been failing. I'm still curious as to why, but problem solved the easy way. Thanks for the help rch1231!

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