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Daniweb helped me straighten out my last computer with Malware bytes and Spyware when I was I was having trouble. When that computers had a problem with all its all its usb I had to switch computers quickly. Bought a secondToshiba since my wife liked them. This one had Windows 7 when I bought it. Loaded Windows Office Home and Student 2010 when I purchased it for another compter for business.
**I recently synced to my email (Google Chrome) due to my new google email and newer android phone. **
I immediately had agonizingly slow response, then unresponsive windows, google and any other program I opened.
Thinking I might have screwed up switching operating systems with the "starter" student windows, I upgraded to Windows 10. My computer is totally useless
I had also put Microsoft driver update and fixcleaner on the computer.
Toshba Satelite P855 Intel R Core TM @230GHz, 2.3 Ghz, 800 GB, 64 Bit OS, X64 -based process.