Is there any program for boosting my headphones i have searched on internet but all i get is the same steps (right click on volume>Playback Devices > Properties>Enhacements> Enable Sound Equalizer)

No ,
The computer or whatever device you're using only puts out as much volume as it has.
You would need some type of amplifier

Something else to try. Beware it will take some CPU load but google up I don't need to but if you can't get an amp, and need just a little more, try it.

commented: HUH this is powerful ! :D +2

Using VLC, it can boost volume 200% of original. I've had to use that often.
In Media Player, you can enable the equalizer then jack all the controls up to 90%.... might be a bit static like, but you'll get more volume.

I guess this noob was wrong. I do remember doing that on vlc now. It sounded distorted though while cranked up.
That's how I ended up with a nice little HiFiMan amplifier.

I have downloaded like rproffitt recommended me and im pretty satisfied :)