Hello! I get this message while trying to update Windows 7, and I haven't found a solution for it on the web. The message is: windows update error 0x80070057(2016-10-10-T-04_16_29P) and if if someone knows what is it about I would be gratefull for the answer for the solution. Thanks in advance and greetings from Serbia!

Microsoft is trying to migrate everyone from Win7 to Win10 and this may be part of the problem. Try to limit your updates to security updates only. This requires changing your update settings.

Ok, thanks! I'll try to do something like that tomorrow and we'll see what happens. I hope it'll do, but it did not make the problems with the other updates, there were 57 of them, there is a problem with only a three of them... Now I'm on my laptop, but tomorrow I can do a screeshot, or just write which 3 are these. But thank you in anyway ;) Cheers!