I am not able to log in my window store after upgreading my pc to window 10.
Its showing the message "The error code is 0x80072EFD, in case you need it. CV: svBVRTg6X0yZuMag"

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Hi Sushil_4,

Please read the instructions thoroughly in the link below prior to executing them to reset your version of Windows 10.

Click Here

Step 5 provides the opportunity to "Keep my files", meaning that all your personal data files will not be removed though all the apps that you have installed after upgrading will be uninstalled.

The "Remove Everything" option will do just that, remove everything and your files will be lost. Both options will return your settings to their defaults as pointed out in the instructions.

Still, always a good idea to back up personal files for safe keeping, just in case. :)

Please keep us updated...

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Erm, DSonnaB3, resetting Windows 10 is a bit extreme as a first option don't you think?

Dani, the 'in case you need it' was aimed at us I suspect and not part of any displayed error message :)

Sushil, the error code 0x80072EFD is a connection problem when trying to load the store. Most likely, therefore, your firewall (do you have an antivirus/security suite installed or are you just running default Windows Defencer ?) preventing access to the store.

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