After multiple times trying to post my reply to "rubberman" concerning my posting (about 5 tries), my posting being as the "Article Title" shows, I found that I could not post the reply at all. Each time it defaulted to an area that showed the reply but when I pushed submit it just hung there without actually submitting it. Previously, I had this message come up.


There was a problem accessing your current session. Sessions automatically time out after a couple hours of inactivity. Also, please ensure you have cookies enabled by your web browser.
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All was done correctly and I was not on for '.... a couple hours of inactivity." However, now that I was finally in the system and ready to post my reply, I could not do so. So, I hope you don't mind my posting it this way with the hope that I can get an answer to my original question as well as to why the system will not allow me to post replies. Thank you.

Hi rubberman, Thank you for your reply. I am using Media Player Classic. I thought it might be that at first since I had just upgraded that program, so I uninstalled it and re-installed it but the problem persisted. I was thinking that it might also have something to do with the "System Volume" file or files. I recently did a Registry clean using some good, trusted software but I don't know if the problem could be related to that or not since I was not using sound during that time.

It could be that the .WAV or sound file was somehow removed and I would need to install it again unless the program that you suggested VLC has the .WAV file already contained within the program? By the way, if you are not familiar with Media Player Classic, it can be found at snapfiles.com Thanks again!

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.wav files are just data files which contain sound recordings in a non-compressed format (raw data, as opposed to .mp3 files which are compressed and of a different format). If the video player that you are using (Media Player Classic in your case) cannot find it, then you will indeed need to copy it back to your computer - either off of the internet, or from a backup disc or flash/usb device. VLC will behave the same way - it doesn't "keep" a copy of a played file. It just plays files from your system discs.

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