I'm running XP with a Creative Soundblaster Live. It was working fine until a few days ago. Now I only get sound from the left speaker. I have run the Creative diagnostics and tested both speakers and they work OK. If I play a CD with Windows Media Player, I only get sound from left speaker.

I have reinstalled the driver.

Any ideas?

Can you hear the windows startup sound from both speakers? It should, since you wrote the diagnostics ran fine. Then the audio cable from the CD-drive to your SB-Live may be defect or loose (if existing). Have you checked the balance/pan sliders in the Creative Surround Mixer, especially the one at the "CD-Audio" input fader?

Yes, I've tried all these things. Everything works except when I use Windows Media. Other programs play stereo correctly. I have checked all the options in WM but cannot find any that seem to affect the speakers. I need WM for downloading to my MP3 player.

somewhere in media player there will be an option for selecting audio output type, stero / mono / left / right, this may also be in control panel, if that fails try windows media player 11, from windows live.