I have Windows 7 on a ThinkPad T500. I want to use my webcam. I disabled it once in the BIOS setup. But now I don't see how to enable it again.

Help, please


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In between, I managed to use my webcam. But now, I'm using Linux and it's not fully functional in there. I can narrow down the question, however...

Which browser(s) support the webcam?

It's because I found a webbased version of Skype, which doesn't work because of the browsers I use.

And finally:

Microsoft Teams doesn't work so well in Linux. But I'll look for that by myself. I think I'll manage

RSN (real soon now) I'll have a laptop on the office workspace with Linux and a webcam. If you can be more specific about how I need to test this I might look deeper.

Update. Not the machine I had in mind but it's some old Toshiba w/32 bit single core CPU, 4GB RAM, and Linux Mint 19.
The camera (there are many like this one) is: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0897JCTRY/

Zoom (on Linux Mint 19, 32 bit) works fine as you would expect on this old laptop.
Given the very low rating of the hardware and the machine needed to go to the client I didn't have time to run Zoom in a web browser.

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