Basically, I'm having a problem with Internet Explorer that keeps shutting my windows down ! Either everytime I shut a single window down or additional windows down, this script error will appear and and ask me to send report . Once i close or send ,it shuts down any window or windows that are currently open (basically it shuts down my browser) It only does this when browsing with internet explorer!!
Any help with this problem would be of great help! Also this is a brand new Toshiba Note-book, which did not have any of these problems until I downloaded yahoo messenger a few days ago.

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The error message would be useful, but...

Under Tools > Internet Options > Advanced

Untick the check box next to "Display Notification About Every Script Error"

Tick the check box next to both entries for "Disable Script Debugging"

Apply that, see if it helps, if not, revert back to the older settings.

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