So I recently purchased 2 5k2k monitors to improve workflow for game development. I noticed once I run both displays the GPU gets hot and eventually the display goes black and the GPU fans go crazy. I also noticed that before that happens the GPU fans do not turn on to cool it down. Could this be an issue that can be fixed through an option the GPU might have? Or is the GPU not enough to keep both displays on?

The GPU starts getting hot and as soon as I display both screens, even though I don’t run heavy GPU applications and sometimes it does before I do run them or minutes after I run something like Photoshop.

GPU is an RTX 1080 Ti.

If this the GPU isn’t powerful enough, do you think an RTX 3080 might be enough?
Or if I use 1070ti to focus only on the displays and dedicate the 3080 GPU to the heavy applications.

Sorry for my ignorance in advance, I haven’t encounter this issue before so I’ve never really looked into any of this.

I think there are some issues here which has little to do with the current GPU capability but more about the cooling of the 1080 Ti. Side Note: There is no such thing as the RTX 1080 Ti. Must be the GTX?

Since the 1080 works until it heats up you can consider better case cooling and or a GPU cooler.

Later you mention a 1070ti which well, I don't know how that got into the mix. Maybe some typographic errors in your top post?

In short, most likely a heat issue or an old graphics card. Can you share the last time you got in there with the canned air and did a fan check?
My criteria for fans is simple: "Works like new."

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